NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY ISLAMABAD - PAKISTAN üniversitesi değişim çağrısı aşağıdadır. İlgilenen öğrenciler adresine başvurunuz.  




At NUST, our partnership with Usak University is highly valued, and we are impressed with the commendable achievements of your university in internationalization. 


Exciting news! We have opened nominations for our Fall 2023 Student Exchange Program. For full details, please refer to the attached "Fall 2023 Guide for the NUST Student Exchange Program" fact sheet. Additionally, we have included "A Glance at NUST" document, which gives an overview of NUST's academics, rankings, resources available, and student life. We strongly encourage you to spread the word about this nomination call and share the attached documents with all your students. 


All programs at NUST are taught in English and nominations are open for both undergraduate and graduate programs. If you have any students who are interested in participating in the program for one semester in Fall 2023 or for a full year from Fall 2023 to Spring 2024, please provide us with their information via the excel sheet attached to this email by March 15, 2023. After receiving the nominations, the NUST International Office will send nominated students the application form and instructions on the application process. 


We eagerly await the arrival of exchange students from Usak University at our NUST campus.